Careables Olinda First 15 days

  • Two meetings with Nutritionists working with children in a low-income community in the city or the countryside. They expressed their need for a digital measurement tool. The development of the device started, and it is on welder
  • A meeting with Olinda Public Health Quiosk on the beach. They are willing to test and help on Measurement Device Tool development. They also desire a couple of 3D printed Ramps to use on their installations. We could also arrange an opening year meeting of the Afro Brazilian Communities Public Health Program, on March, 17th;
  • Visit Isa do Amparo – She is using Laser Cut excess areas as an instrument for Art therapy. We still have to talk more on that to organise methods. The main idea is to create an organisational system based on shapes and separate them into different boxes. Later you can use it as mosaic, stamps on clothes etc.
  • Visit one of the Plastic Recycling Centres organised by Olinda TowHall and the Private Sector in different parts of the city. We need to stop the plastic from reaching our ocean!
  • We are about to start organising DIY aromatherapy pillows on welder ASAP, a project by Raama.