Casa Criatura

Mozilla MOSS Covid-19 Challenge

Casa Criatura was awarded by Mozilla Covid-19 Challenge!

Describe your open source project. What is it? What are your goals?

We aim to distribute PPE’s (especially Face Shields and Aerosol Boxes) to the health sector community of Olinda and Recife.

We are already producing Face Shields based on an Open Source model developed by our team

We are in close contact with the Secretary of Health of Olinda and Physicists on Intensive Health care units. More about the EPPs production, donations and distributions can be found here

Our maker lab had produced until now more than 2000 face shields to the health care sector. Pictures here and a small video  here (you can set English subtitles on youtube config panel). 

The Health sector professionals are now asking us to produce Aerosol Boxes, as we have just three in Recife. But our Laser cutter is not able to cut on the size that the product needs. Also, we aim to produce more face shields, as we are producing around 150 a day but we have not been able to deliver in time. Some donations and orders take up to a week to be delivered, and is a week that a professional stay out of protection.

How will your proposed project impact this focus area? How will you know you have succeeded in having this impact?

Having as many as Health Sector Professionals using the PPEs in the quickest time possible. We all know that the lack o PPEs can dangerously infect Health Care Professionals, taking them from service and some times even killing them. To protect as soon as possible our professionals has a huge impact on protecting society as a whole. 

Our success will be measured by the number of Face Shields and Aerosol Boxes delivered as soon as possible to the front line. Also, this delivery can also be compared with the Covid cases curve in health sector professionals during the same time: If it flattens during and after delivering of the EPPs, the project reached its success.